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Meadowtown Dental Centre is proud to be the top Pitt Meadows Dental Clinic for one-stop Family Dentistry. Patients of Meadowtown Dental value our advanced dental services and state of the art technology.

Patient Reviews

  • Joanne H.

    "All the staff is great. There's no pressure and it's very relaxing. Thanks for a great experience!"

  • Barb S.

    "My teeth are whiter after my cleaning, I didn't have to wait long for my appointment and there's no more pain after I got a filling and a root canal done. Thanks!"

  • Rachel P.

    "Meadowtown Dental has a great professional, friendly atmosphere. It made me feel more comfortable. Plus, I learned how to clean my teeth properly at home!"

  • Audrey J.

    "The staff and Dr. Dhaliwal made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I needed my molar removed immediately and it was a pain free procedure. Meadowtown is my dentist of choice and I would recommend them without hesitation to my friends. Thanks for everything!"

















Our Team

Our Dentists:

  • Dr. Junho Kim
  • Dr. Hussain Hussainy

Our Staff:

  • Manuela Young-Office Manager
  • Susan Treleaven-Hygienist
  • Pam Grieff-Hygienist
  • Heather McLeod-CDA
  • Patricia Malm-CDA
  • Sabrina Anderson-Receptionist
  • Carrie Sampson-Receptionist
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