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When are VENLAY® Restorations Used?

The VENLAY® Bite Correction system is used in restorative and cosmetic dentistry as an alternative to surgical corrections or dental appliances such as retainers. It is bonded directly over the tooth enamel, making it a non-invasive procedure.

More About VENLAY®

VENLAY® Bite Correction was designed and trademarked by Dr. Sam Muslin, a dentist in California. The system helps correct underbites, overbites, open bites, misaligned jaws, and facial collapses. Additionally, it restores teeth that have been damaged, worn, or naturally short.

Similar to a no-prep veneer, a porcelain restoration is custom-designed and applied to each tooth. One reason that dentists may recommend them as an option is because the tooth enamel does not need to be ground down as it does in the application of veneers and crowns. Instead, a VENLAY® is applied directly over the tooth, ensuring healthy teeth are not directly impacted by the procedure.

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How Does it Work?

VENLAY® Bite Correction is often marketing as an “anti-aging” restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedure because the ultimate results may change the shape or appearance of the face, jaw, and teeth.

The system is part of another of Dr. Muslin’s techniques, known as the Face Lift Dentistry® Method. This method uses a device known JawTrac® to realign the jaw without surgery. Then, the VENLAY® Bite Correction system is applied to restore the shape of the teeth.

Who Can Benefit from VENLAY®?

VENLAY® may be a good option if you need restorative work on some or all of your teeth while also hoping to correct a “bad bite.” It can also work well for those who need restorations but have suffered significant bone loss, making other restoration techniques less realistic. Finally, it can be used to avoid more invasive bite correction procedures, such as jaw surgery or braces.

New in Restorative Dentistry

VENLAY® is a comparatively new procedure available in restorative dentistry. Many of the details, such as how long the restorations will last and the ultimate results, have not been studied extensively. To learn more about the procedure, get in touch with the 123Dentist dental clinic near you.

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