Pitt Meadows is one of the smaller cities in Metro Vancouver. Calling Pitt Meadows a farming town would be something of an understatement. Most of the land, 68%, is reserved for agricultural use to this day and 85% is protected land. Over 64 kilometres of dikes protect Pitt Meadows from flooding, giving the area a signature look that reminds visitors of the western European countryside. Though Pitt Meadows has remained small and is not connected to the rest of Metro Vancouver by rapid transit, it has become a largely residential community for most of its residents. Experts believe the city will continue to grow quickly as more and more families move outside of Vancouver.


Our dentists in Pitt Meadows are incredibly engaged in the community, from marching in the Pitt Meadows Day parades to giveaways surrounding most of the major holidays. Meadowtown Dental Centre and Meadowvale Family Dental are both general dental practices with a focus on preventative dental education and paediatric dental care. Meadowvale Family Dental has opened its doors to Love 2 Learn Daycare Centre to show them how a dental practice works and to educate students on maintaining healthy smiles. With 8 languages spoken, both of these Pitt Meadows dentists offer services to match the growing diversity of the community to ensure that everyone can receive the services they need in a comfortable, supportive environment. Many of our offices have staff on hand that speak languages other than English. So, if you've got a loved one who's reluctant to visit the dentist due to a language barrier, use the search filters below to find a local dentist who speaks their language.


Food bank donations at Meadowtown Dental and community service programs to assist families and individuals in need at Meadowvale Dental are just a couple of the charitable initiatives our dentists in Pitt Meadows support. ‘123’ dentists in Pitt Meadows raise money in support of Meals on Wheels, hold charity barbecues to support Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services and give away oral hygiene tools like toothbrushes and floss to people in the community.