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About 200 Street Langley Dentist

If you’re looking for Langley Laser Dental Centre, you have found us! We are now 200 Street Langley Dentist!

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Dr. Pierre Vigneault

Dr. Pierre Vigneault, General Dentist

Dr. Pierre Vigneault has over 20 years experience in dentistry. Pierre was a pioneer in the health concern of mercury toxicity and he has worked mercury-free since 1983. Continuing to push the envelope, he has embarked on another addition to his arsenal of excellence in dentistry. As a member of Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS), Pierre studies in the United States to open a window of opportunity to provide a safe, relaxed experience to patients who can correct years of embarrassing problems in one visit, with one pill.

Dr. Shymaa Hashem

Dr. Shymaa Hashem, General Dentist

A dental pain at the age of  nine years inspired me to become a dentist.  Being a dentist relieves pain and improves everyone’s smiles. This gives me great satisfaction and is one of the most noblest professions I could be a part of.

Dr. Francisco Leos-Marquez

Dr. Francisco Leos-Marquez, General Dentist

I have been practicing dentistry for more than twenty five years.  My original education was in Mexico City where I received certifications in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in addition to my degree in General Dentistry.  I pride myself in being a highly ethical, compassionate, gentle dentist, committed to a lifetime of learning.