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123Dentist.com Makes it EASY to Find a Dentist in your Community. Whether you’re new to the neighbourhood and need to find a dentist, are looking for a specialist dentist or are looking for an emergency dentist in the Lower…

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We enjoy playing a major role in helping to create a positive community space and our dentists are motivated by a strong sense of social responsibility. Our most recent initiatives, Oral Cancer Awareness and our new Dental Emergency Call Line, are just two examples.

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What is the 123 Community Dentist Network?

The 123 Community Dentist Network is the name given to the carefully selected dental practices that are part of the 123Dentist.com family. These practices and the dentists who lead them are required to adhere to the 123 Dentist Set of Standards, including a commitment to gentle patient care, modern practice environments, using advanced technology, and more.

Dental Emergency?

24/7 - DO YOU HAVE A

We’ve built a website for this service, that has lots of resources for emergency and dental procedure aftercare. Visit this site and bookmark it before your next dental emergency.

Visit 123DentalEmergency.com to learn about this free emergency call service
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Bad Oral Habits To Avoid
Everyone develops bad habits at some point in their lives. These bad habits can include anything from not stopping the car fully at each stop sign, to choosing to eat unhealthy foods over better options. They can become part of who we are, but can also really hurt us. When our bad habits affect our oral health, the results can be extremely painful on both our bodies and our wallets. With that...
| Posted Nov 27
The Lowdown On Invisalign
Thanks to modern technology, many people are now able to say goodbye to the days when straightening teeth meant filling your mouth with a set of bulky metal braces. Instead, they can have their teeth straightened with Invisalign, a set of almost invisible clear aligner trays that fit snugly over top of one’s teeth. This popular system is perfect for those who want to improve their smile without...
| Posted Nov 21
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