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About Us

123Dentist.com Makes it EASY to Find a Dentist in your Community. Whether you’re new to the neighbourhood and need to find a dentist, are looking for a specialist dentist or are looking for an emergency dentist in the Lower…

Social Responsibility

We enjoy playing a major role in helping to create a positive community space and our dentists are motivated by a strong sense of social responsibility. Our most recent initiatives, Oral Cancer Awareness and our new Dental Emergency Call Line, are just two examples.

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What is the 123 Community Dentist Network?

The 123 Community Dentist Network is the name given to the carefully selected dental practices that are part of the 123Dentist.com family. These practices and the dentists who lead them are required to adhere to the 123 Dentist Set of Standards, including a commitment to gentle patient care, modern practice environments, using advanced technology, and more.

Dental Emergency?

24/7 - DO YOU HAVE A

We’ve built a website for this service, that has lots of resources for emergency and dental procedure aftercare. Visit this site and bookmark it before your next dental emergency.

Visit 123DentalEmergency.com to learn about this free emergency call service
From the Blog
The Summer Solstice
The summer solstice happened last weekend, officially marking the beginning of summer. Many people ushered in the longest day of the year and change of season with barbecues and days spent at the beach, but that hasn’t always been the celebration style of choice. Throughout history and around the world the summer solstice has held cultural significance to many ancient civilizations, and was...
| Posted Jun 26
Flossing — You’ll Be Glad You Did It!
Most of us know that it keeps your mouth happy and your dental hygienist even happier. But besides that, how much do you really know about flossing? Why is it so important? Flossing your teeth isn’t so much about removing last night’s dinner from your teeth but more about keeping your gums and teeth strong, looking great and bacteria free. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about...
| Posted Jun 19
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