Dental Appliances and Dental Guards

Permanent and Removable Dental Appliances

Although most dental work happens in a dental office, there are also dental treatments that you can bring home. Dental appliances such as mouth guards, night guards, retainers, and snoring devices can be custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly, protecting and maintaining your oral health and overall wellbeing even while you’re sleeping, working, or playing sports.


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Removable Dental Appliances

Many dental devices are removable, meaning they can be used at specific times of the day.

  • Full or partial dentures are often used when there has been significant tooth loss.
  • Dental night guards
  • Retainers
  • Sleep apnea devices
  • Snoring devices
  • Mouth Guards


Types of Dental Devices

Custom-fitted dental appliances from a dental clinic provide a high level of protection and function. Depending on the specific treatment goals you and your dentist come up with, you may need temporary or permanent dental appliances for your teeth.

Dental appliances serve various purposes in dentistry, and are often used to support a complete treatment plan. They may be used to protect the teeth and jaw from damage, to maintain the position of the teeth, or to treat sleep disorders or joint disorders that affect the jaw. They can also be used to restore the function and look of the teeth.


What to Consider When Purchasing Dental Appliances

Choosing the right dental appliance for your needs can be difficult. It’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of your options before making a decision. Be sure to have a conversation with your dentist about your goals, lifestyle, and budget. Ask questions about the lifespan of the device, the comfort and fit you can expect, and strategies you can use to get accustomed to it. You may also want to consider the duration of your treatment, your dental insurance plan coverage, and any risks associated with the use of a device.


Get Custom-Fitted Dental Devices

When you need long-term prevention and treatment options to maintain your oral health, dental appliances can help give you the support you need at home. The 123Dentist network of dental care providers includes many dental clinics that offer a variety of types and brands of dental appliances. Find your local dentist and ask about your options.


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Night Guards

Removable mouthpieces worn while sleeping. Relieves jaw muscle pain, stops grinding, can help with snoring and TMJ issues. Learn more about: Night Guards


Permanent and Removable Retainers in Canada Retainers are dental appliances that aid in straightening the teeth, particularly after braces. Wearing a retainer can help keep the teeth aligned and prevent them from shifting back to their original position after braces come off, making them an important tool in orthodontics.   When Retainers Are Used Retainers […] Learn more about: Retainers

Snoring / Sleep Apnea Devices

Various procedures or appliances including mouth guards, CPAP machines, oral surgery, and others. Learn more about: Snoring / Sleep Apnea Devices

Sports Mouth Guards

A protective oral device, covering the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to teeth, arches, lips and gums. Learn more about: Sports Mouth Guards

TMJ / TMD Treatment

Various treatments that help relieve joint or muscle pain, popping, and clicking from TMJ or TMD issues. Learn more about: TMJ / TMD Treatment


Removable false teeth that can replace some or all of a person's natural teeth. Learn more about: Dentures