10 Activities You Can Do at Home
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10 Activities You Can Do at Home

It can be hard to spend a lot of time at home, but there are plenty of things that you can do to keep yourself busy. Here is a list of 10 things you can do to entertain yourself inside.

Put Together a Photo Album

Now that you’re at home, it might be time to sit down and put together the photos that you have been collecting over the years. Whether that means putting the images in an album, creating online albums you can have printed, or putting together a beautiful scrapbook, now is the time to do something with all those pictures.

Try a New Recipe

While at home, you can tackle a new recipe that you have always wanted to try. Whether it’s from a cooking show you saw, a magazine, or something you have pinned, it’s a great time to try out those delicious-looking recipes. It’s even better if you can include healthy ingredients that keep your immune system strong.

Binge Watch a TV Series

You probably have a bunch of shows on your “To Watch” list. Whether you have Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus, now you can sit down and check off some of those titles you’ve been wanting to watch.


If you have been meaning to declutter your house, now is a great time for spring cleaning. You are probably going to be spending a lot of time at home, so make life less stressful by decluttering and keeping only things you need or love.

Learn a New Craft or Hobby

Everyone has a list of things they would like to do one day. If you are staying at home, you can try a new hobby like knitting, painting, learning to draw, clay modelling, or dancing. With self-isolation happening right now, there are plenty of opportunities to learn a new craft or hobby cheaply or even for free from experts in their fields.

Try an Online Game

Playing online games is a great way to connect with people from the comfort of your home. There are lots of types of games you can try, like fighting, co-operative, conquering, logic, and building games.

Explore the World

While you can’t leave home, you can explore the world from the comfort of your home. Try these virtual tours that take you to museums, zoos, gardens, and theme parks.

Make a Playlist

A great way to make your day more enjoyable is by listening to music you love. Put together a playlist of your favorite music and share it with your family or friends. Have others put one together for you so you can listen to some new tunes.

Scavenger Hunt

Find a scavenger hunt online or make one yourself. You can drive around looking for items, or do it in the comfort of your own house.


Baking is a delicious pastime. If you have some time at home, spend some time mastering the art of baking with bread, cupcakes, or fancy desserts.

These are just 10 ideas of things to do at home. Here are some other fun ideas you can try while at home.