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123Dentist.com Clinics Have Switched to Digital Charts

123Dentist.com clinics go digital! Modern dentistry has changed so much from 50 or 60 years ago. In fact, with modern advances cropping up every year or so, the face of dentistry today is completely different than it was a decade ago. 123Dentist.com clinics manage to keep up with modern trends, continually delivering an exceptional level of care to their patients. In particular, 123Dentist.com clinics have decided to go digital with all of their patient charts.

123Dentist.com clinics Go Digital: Simplicity

With modern software readily available to do all of the heavy lifting, 123Dentist.com clinics go digital with relative ease. Transferring patient charts to digital format is as easy as inputting the data into a computer. It’s so simple in fact that the question “Why didn’t 123Dentist.com clinics go digital sooner,” readily comes to mind.


123Dentist.com clinics Go Digital: The Reason behind the Decision

With the patient’s comfort in mind, 123Dentist.com clinics strive to maintain a focus that digital charts can provide. All of the patient’s information is located in a single area, making it easy for the doctor to refer back to an earlier treatment.


123Dentist.com clinics Go Digital: Swifter Transfer of Records

Occasionally, patients have to switch their doctors when they move to another city. Sometimes, they switch for personal reasons. No matter what circumstance prompts the decision, it is now easier than ever to transfer patients’ records due to the new digital format that is being used.


123Dentist.com Clinics Go Digital: Accuracy

Digital records make it possible to keep an accurate file on each patient from childhood through adulthood. Patients no longer need to rely on their memories to recall important details from their dental histories. The decision for 123Dentist.com clinics to go digital is one that will promote better dental care for patients due to the ability to access a full dental history by any doctor at any time.


123Dentist.com Clinics Go Digital: Patient Consent

Even with the accessibility of digital data, a patient’s consent is still needed in order for the records to be shared with another health care provider. The patient remains in control of personal information at all times.