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7 Habits That Are Bad For Your Oral Health

We all have our certain habits that can be so hard to break. Sometimes, we do them when we’re stressed, or sometimes we do them because they make us happy. Even though, technically, it may not be a bad habit, it can still have a negative impact on your oral health. Below are 7 habits to keep in mind with concern to your oral health.

1. Eating ice—when you eat ice often, you are putting your teeth at risk of chipping or cracking against the ice’s tough and frozen exterior. Eating ice can also irritate the tissues around your teeth, affecting your oral health in the process.

2. Biting nails or chewing pencils—if you’re guilty of constantly biting your nails or chewing on pencils, your teeth may be at risk of slowly being worn down. You may also put additional stress on your teeth, which can cause them to misalign. This can affect your oral health by making you more prone to plaque and bacterial build-up.

3. Drinking coffee or red wine—if you’re a regular coffee or wine drinker, the acidity and color of the coffee or wine can cause your teeth to stain. It is recommended that you add cream to your coffee and limit your wine intake to balance out the affects it can have on your oral health.

4. Tongue or lip piercings—when you have hard pieces of metal in your mouth, you always run the risk of accidentally biting down on it. This puts you at a further risk of accidentally chipping or cracking your teeth. The metal can also rub against your gums, causing damage which may lead to oral health concerns such as infections.

5. Brushing your teeth too hard—brushing your teeth too hard can wear down your teeth as well as damage and irritate your gums, leaving your teeth more susceptible to oral health concerns.

6. Gummies and hard candy—gummies and hard candy are packed with sugar, which can cause tooth decay. Gummies are especially harmful for your teeth, because they have a tendency to stick to your teeth and remain in your mouth of a long period of time. This can affect your oral health by increasing your chances of getting cavities.

7. Binge eating—binge eating usually involves a high level of sugar-filled sweets, which can lead to tooth decay and other oral health concerns.

Healthy Habits:

It’s not easy breaking a bad habit, but the task becomes easier if you replace the bad habit with a healthy one. If you’re looking to get rid of some of your bad habits, here are some healthy habits you can adapt to:

– Brushing twice a day

– Flossing regularly

– Eating healthy foods and snacks that are low in sugar

– Chewing on some sugar-free gum instead of biting your nails or chewing on your pencil

– Visiting your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings

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