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The 123 Community Dentist Set of Standards

When patients choose 123Dentist to find a dentist, they can rest assured that each 123 Community Dentist has followed a strict set of standards. To provide great patient dental care, each 123Dentist practitioner will:

  • Use digital x-rays to help ensure patient safety, and the precision of treatment
  • Use digital charts to make treatment more efficient
  • Stay up-to-date on their continuing education
  • Be registered with the regulatory authority overseeing dentistry in their province
  • Be gentle, patient-focused and genuinely caring at all times
  • Listen and prepare personalized treatment plans to meet individual patient dental aspirations
  • Make sedation dentistry available for patients who are anxious about dental work, or who want the convenience of many treatments performed in a single visit*
  • Make smile enhancement services available for patients who want to transform how they look – and how they feel
  • Serve patients in their preferred native language*
  • Keep patients up-to-date using a range of modern communication methods, such as web, blog, email, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Engage patients to gather feedback on how to continuously improve services so that the bar is always being raised
  • Offer convenient times for families and career-minded patients to make an appointment on weekends, evenings, etc.
  • Use laser technology (i.e. soft or hard tissue lasers, or diagnostic lasers, or laser whitening) and computerized dentistry.
  • Make it easy for patients to transfer to another 123Dentist clinic if they move, or to gain access for friends and colleagues to a 123 Community Dentist in their neighborhood
  • Offer comfortable, well-appointed, and relaxing office environments
  • Welcome patients of all ages
  • Offer “1-stop dentistry” for convenience, and connect patients to a 123 Community Dentist Network specialist as necessary
  • Have locations that are in convenient and easily accessible
  • Facilitate paperwork with insurance companies (etc.) to make life easier and hassle-free for patients
  • Participate in their communities and commit to social responsibility

* If not available on site, patients may be referred to another 123 Community Dentist Network dental practice

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