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Why 123 Dentist?

The Key Benefits of Choosing 123Dentist

Finding a dentist should be easy – and thanks to 123Dentist, it is! Here are the key benefits that set us apart, and make us the right choice for individuals and families across Canada:

We make finding a 123 Community Dentist EASY: We enable patients to find a friendly, caring dentist quickly, easily and hassle-free. We take the worry and risk out of finding a dentist.

Find Your Perfect Match: The Dentists within our Community Network offer a range of services combined with a commitment to service excellence.

We Offer a Variety of Convenient Locations: Patients can easily find a 123 Community Dentist in their neighbourhood/local area, which helps to save time and hassle.

Our Practices are Modern and Comfortable: Our practices are ultra-modern and comfortable, designed with an eye towards esthetics, and interior design to create a soothing and comforting patient experience.

We Offer the Latest Dental Technology: Members of the 123 Community Dentist Network must utilize the latest dental technology and treatment solutions. A 123Dentist practitioner is focused on providing environmentally-friendly digital technology to minimize pollution and help future generations.

We Take a Patient-First Approach: Our dentists and staff are gentle caregivers with a “patient-first” attitude. A 123Dentist practitioner is committed to providing pain-free dentistry, collaborative treatment planning, and a focus on solutions for lifestyle aspirations and personal success.

We Celebrate and Promote Patient Satisfaction: We proudly display testimonials from our patients to promote a better look at each dental clinic, and to help new patients discover why a 123 Community Dentist is a great choice.

We Suit our Patients’ Lifestyles: Our use of digital records empowers patients to easily transfer between dentists within our 123Dentist Network. We fit our patients’ mobile lifestyles and make their lives easier.

We Offer the Latest Solutions: We offer dental solutions that reflect the leading edge of what modern dentistry has to offer.

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