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Innovation is what separates companies from the pack and helps them to continue to prosper in a climate of competition. British Columbia is filled with companies that are continuing to evolve and take the lead in their fields, bringing the world products, systems, and procedures designed to meet the needs of industry, government, and the individual consumer. Below are some British Columbia companies that are on the cutting edge of their field.

Coulson Ice Blast

Coulson Ice Blast, a company based in Port Alberni, recently received recognition for their innovations from the Small Business BC awards. The company of 12 won the Best Innovation Award for its newly designed blasting equipment. Their new equipment uses a unique technique that blends wet and dry ice blasting to clean a variety of industrial and commercial equipment. The result is an effective cleaning process that produces significantly fewer contaminants. They were recognized for contributing innovation to the growing economy of British Columbia and for their positive impact on their community.


The Technology Fast 50 Winners honours innovative companies that help to grow and change the economy in the British Columbia area. Mojio, a tech company that functions as a SaaS provider and created a connected car platform, recently won second place. Mojio’s goal is to promote better, smarter, and safer car ownership by providing more convenience for car owners through the use of a number of mobile network operators.

Mojio is known as the cloud platform and Saas solution provider that is the top choice of both mobile network operators and automakers. Their service gathers real-world data from billions of kilometers driven on the road. They collate and evaluate this data to provide actionable insights that are valuable to car owners.

Vanrx Pharmasystems

Vanrx Pharmasystems received top awards from Technology Fast 50 by bringing innovative ideas and technologies to the area of pharmacology. The company is known for creating the most technologically advanced sterile filling solutions to have ever hit the pharmaceutical industry. The new technology focuses on the filling of injectable drugs, syringes, cartridges, and nested vials. They created a system that uses fill-finish machines powered by robotics to ensure that the medication and packaging remain uncontaminated during the filling and packaging process.

The machine is referred to as a gloveless isolator and it provides the ability to get the particle counts down to as low as ISO 2. It also uses vapour-phased hydrogen peroxide decontamination. With this process, there is no need for any human intervention through gloved ports, making it the first completely closed isolator designed to be flawless.


The goal of UrbanLogiq has always been to build better communities through the use of technology and data. The company uses a cloud-based platform that is separated in silos to build a more unified view of local communities. They also utilize artificial intelligence to gain valuable insights, use the data to streamline processes, and help the government and government entities to be able to make better, more accurate, and less costly decisions.

UrbanLogiq is currently working on a project with the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation so that they can better work with and respond to the First Nations, which is a critical component of the Ministry’s commitment to reconciliation. They are hoping that their processes not only make this responsibility more cost-effective and streamlined but will also produce better results for everyone.

This is not the only innovative project that UrbanLogiq is currently involved in. They are also working to address traffic and transportation problems by aggregating diverse data about traffic counts, weather, accidents, and infrastructure so that cities can better understand the movement and congestion that can lead to traffic concerns. They also help with economic development, which is critical to the future of any city. Data can be used for determining zoning, business licences, analyzing employment and unemployment rates, and long-term economic projection.

Well Health Technologies

Another company based in British Columbia that is bringing innovative technology to the healthcare industry in the country is Well Health Technologies. At Well Health, they believe that healthcare needs to be heavily influenced by technology to advance into the future. Improved health care can be provided by immersing both physicians and their patients in digital experiences.

Their focus is on cutting edge technologies, such as a more robust and enhanced EMR and telemedicine designed to provide better support for healthcare providers. Well Health Technologies is also striving to provide more in-depth tools and resources for both patients and physicians that will help to prevent and treat illness.

Their target goals are to make healthcare more connected and personalized using technology to raise the standard of care that patients receive. Ultimately, their goal is to revolutionize the healthcare market.

Whether it is in the field of automotive technology, healthcare, or industrial cleaning industries, there are a number of companies in British Columbia that are continuing to innovate and lead the way into the future.