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Lumineers in Cosmetic Dentistry

Extremely strong porcelain shield bonded to teeth to repair discolouration, chips, cracks, or gaps.

Dental Lumineers are an ultra-thin brand of veneers used to correct cosmetic issues in the teeth. Customized Lumineers are an excellent way to brighten, smooth out, and fully restore a beautiful smile.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are thin shells that are placed over the front of teeth to restore their colour, shape, size, and texture. They are about as thin as a contact lens, but highly durable. This makes them very simple to place.

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Lumineers versus Veneers

Lumineers are a specific type of dental veneers that are known as no-prep veneers. This is because they are thin enough that they do not require the front of a tooth to be trimmed before they are placed.

Traditionally, veneers are made of porcelain and are about 0.5mm thick. Meanwhile, Lumineers are only 0.3mm thick. They are made from a ceramic material known as Cerinate that is patented and are placed using a bonding substance that holds the Lumineer securely against the tooth structure.

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What Do Lumineers Correct?

Even if you have naturally beautiful teeth, damage, tooth decay, staining, and other dental issues can occur later in life. Lumineers can be used to correct cosmetic issues on a single tooth or multiple teeth. Patients may be interested in Lumineers if they have:

  • Cracked, chipped, or damaged teeth
  • An uneven smile
  • Discoloured teeth that do not respond to teeth whitening
  • Other cosmetic issues near the front of the mouth

Lumineers FAQ

Will my Lumineers match the rest of my teeth?

Lumineers are customized to your teeth. In some cases, when multiple Lumineers are being attached to the front teeth, patients will choose a whiter finish than their natural teeth for a whitening effect. Customized Lumineers can also be created to match the colour of your other natural teeth, especially if only one or a few are being used. This can help create a naturally beautiful white smile.

How long do Lumineers last?

Lumineers can last up to 20 years. Regular dental care and oral hygiene can extend the durability of your Lumineers, so be sure to take excellent care of your oral health after they’re placed.

Are Lumineers effective?

Lumineers have been used in cosmetic dentistry for about 30 years and are highly safe and effective. If you have requested veneers or similar treatments from your dentist, he or she may recommend Lumineers as an alternative treatment option.

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