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The DIAGNOdent System

DIAGNOdent technology is used by dentists to detect dental caries (cavities) in the teeth. The tool can help dentists locate and diagnose very small cavities so that preventative treatment can be applied early on, often allowing dentists to save the natural teeth before decay spreads.

The DIAGNOdent system aids in the detection of caries (cavities) in the teeth, allowing dentists to diagnose, treat, and prevent tooth decay more effectively. Using a non-invasive laser light, dentists can detect and measure tooth decay in all stages of dental caries.

The Detection of Dental Caries

Dental caries refers to small holes or cavities that develop on or in the teeth. Once a cavity is formed, more serious tooth decay can set in. This can lead to pain, infection in the roots of the teeth, and, in serious instances, tooth loss. This is why dentists are focused on the prevention of tooth decay, starting with detecting and treating cavities. Early detection and treatment of dental caries in the mouth can lead to the prevention of tooth decay and better overall oral health.

In most cases, the detection of dental caries is fairly straightforward for dentists. Many lesions occur on the surface of the tooth, where they can be seen and diagnosed using traditional tools and techniques, such as bite-wing x-rays. However, some smaller or less accessible instances of decay may not be picked up using these tools.

DIAGNOdent is a technology that is designed to be more sensitive and specific in detecting dental caries. It can detect dental caries before cavities form and can detect tiny fissure caries in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.

How the DIAGNOdent System Works

Your dentist will use a manual probe that looks like a pen, moving it around your mouth to detect lesions on the teeth. The tool uses a laser light to measure the laser fluorescence of the tooth substance. In healthy teeth, little to no laser fluorescence will be detected. However, when there are teeth that have lost some of their structure, more fluorescence will be visible.

The level of fluorescence detected by the tool helps the dentist determine what actions need to be taken in the treatment plan for the patient, whether preventative or restorative. In some cases, minimally invasive restorative procedures such as dental sealants or fillings will be sufficient to prevent further decay.

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The Benefits of DIAGNOdent

There are several reasons dentists may use the DIAGNOdent system to diagnose and treat dental caries. First, patient care is often improved with the system since it is non-invasive and does not use radiation.

Another important reason dentists use DIAGNOdent is the ability to provide high-quality preventative care for patients. Early detection of dental caries allows dentists to treat the teeth before more serious interventions (such as root canals) are necessary. Overall, this results in the preservation of more of the natural teeth.

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