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Take Home Whitening

DIY whitening kits using custom-made trays for each patient’s teeth, often used multiple days in a row.

Custom impressions of your teeth are required to make a precise set of trays to fit your upper and lower teeth. It takes a few days to fabricate the trays and when you return you are provided with the bleaching trays, whitening gel and instructions on their use.

Each night you will spread small amounts of gel in appropriate areas for both the upper and the lower trays. We normally suggest that you do this for ten nights in a row. Some people do experience sensitivity with the home whitening kit in which case we suggest that you stop the procedure for one or two nights then start up again when the sensitivity has subsided.

If you keep your whitening trays in a safe place, you can use them again for a touch up. Extra whitening gel can be purchased from our office to provide a whitening boost.

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