Dental Implants 101
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Dental Implants 101

We’re pleased that one of our very own dentists was the guest on CTV Morning Live’s “Ask An Expert” segment on April 19, 2017.

Dr. Trevor Treasure, provided information about dental implants in a video segment with Jason Pires.

Watch the video, or you can read the transcript below.

Jason Pires: Welcome back. Well a full set of teeth makes for a beautiful smile, but what if you are missing some? Here to tell us why dental implants could be the solution is dr Trevor Treasure. Good morning, Trevor.

Dr. Trevor Treasure: Good morning

JP: So first of all, what exactly is a dental implant?

TT: A dental implant is a 3-piece device that is used to replace teeth. There’s a titanium root that goes in the jawbone, an abutment that goes on top of that, and then a dental crown that’s placed.

JP: When replacing teeth, is it the preferred choice – the dental implant?

TT: Yeah, a dental implant is a permanent solution. So once the titanium root integrates within the bone of the jaw it can be maintained for the lifetime of the patient, which is not true of a traditional bridge. So yes, it’s a permanent solution, and it’s really the standard of care today.

JP: How long is the procedure and is it pretty complex?

TT: No, we do this routinely in the office today. It takes anywhere between an hour to two hours to place, depending on how many implants you have. But it’s relatively simple today with our technology.

JP: And is it painful?

TT: Well it’s dentistry, so we make it as comfortable as we can for patients, absolutely.

JP: Now before just ten years ago, is it pretty much a simple procedure?

TT: Yes, you know we’ve been doing this 25-30 years pretty routinely and the technology just gets better every year. So it’s really the standard today for replacing teeth, yes.

JP: Okay well let’s talk about the new technologies. When replacing some or all teeth, if necessary, new technologies have obviously made the process easier.

TT: Yes, today we use 3-dimensional CT scanning in our offices. And that helps with planning, and the treatment, and patient safety. We also use techniques of tissue engineering where we grow new bone before we put implants in. We can take patients’ blood and use growth factors to assist our healing, so technology today has really revolutionized dental care absolutely.

JP: Obviously dental health is probably improving because of all these technologies. How can missing teeth impact overall dental health?

TT: Sure, well the more teeth you’re missing, your chewing efficiency goes down, and so your diet choices are poor. You eat processed foods which are high in calories and fats, and those kinds of processed, high calorie, high fats diets are associated with chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So having proper chewing efficiency allows you to chew fruits and vegetables and high fibre diets, and that’s good for your health.

JP: Now Mark mentioned earlier that he lost his tooth by eating something hard. What are the foods to avoid from cracking or even losing a tooth.

TT: Yeah, that happened to myself, about 20 years ago.

JP: What were you eating?

TT: It was a tortilla chip.

JP: Okay, yeah.

TT: So yeah, if a tooth fractures, certainly you can replace that in the dental office very easily—sometimes in the same day you can replace it. That’s called an immediate implant. Sometimes we have to wait, it depends on the condition and the patient’s diagnosis.

JP: So you recommend this if someone’s contemplating whether or not to have dental implant surgery, people shouldn’t be concerned that it’s going to be an arduous process, a painful process?

TT: No, not at all today. I mean, it depends. Some cases are more difficult if you need a reconstruction beforehand. But a routine dental implant is very simple to do today with the techniques that we have at our disposal, yes.

JP: Awesome, well thanks for being here, dr Trevor Treasure. And you know what, being here actually reminded me that I have a dentist appointment today.

TT: Very good, my pleasure, thank you.

JP: I would have forgot! Alright thank you very much. And if you want to watch the segment again, check out our website: