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Finding The Right Dentist For You Using 123Dentist.com

The 123Dentist website is a cornerstone of the 123Dentist community network of Dental Clinics. It offers our patients the chance to learn more about their dental care and makes choosing the RIGHT dentist easier than ever. With options to locate a clinic near you or by specific procedure, you can now hand pick the best dentist for you and request an appointment in mere moments.

What is 123Dentist?

Our goal with 123Dentist is to make reliable, professional dental care as easy as possible. There’s no more need for guesswork, wondering if you’re at the right clinic for you or if your needs can be met. With 123Dentist, informed decision making is easier than ever, and with over 50 dental clinics in the lower mainland, it doesn’t matter what you need or where you are, we can help.

All of our clinics are locally owned and operated, but they are connected by our shared goals and patient philosophy. We also make moving to another clinic easier than ever, with digital patient files.

How 123dentist.com Can Help You

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123Dentist doesn’t just match a service, a location and you to the right clinic. It’s also an in-depth resource with information on procedures, oral health and symptoms that can lead to future oral health issues. Any time you have a pain in your mouth, visit our site and check our database for information, the treatment options and the dentists who offer them.

With all of the resources and opportunities on 123Dentist, we wanted to break down what the site has to offer and show you how it can help you in a dental emergency. We also offer a 24/7 hotline for any questions that you cannot find the answer to. Simply put, there’s no better place to find your answers to dental questions, and no faster way to find the right dentist for immediate relief.

Matching You to the Right Clinic

We already mentioned that the most important tool on our website is the ability to match you to the right clinic for the treatment you need. Since we have clinics from Chilliwack to Whistler, you’re bound to find what you need, where you need it.

By Treatment

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Choosing a dentist is an important decision. You need to trust the doctor and the staff who work on your teeth, and it’s not enough that the location be convenient. The surefire way to know you’ve picked the right dentist is knowing more about the treatments you need.


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At 123Dentist we offer a weekly Community Blog. Each and every week we offer dental advice, tips, community events and suggestions for activities and family fun. We strive to keep the blog light, informative and family focused. You can learn more about a specific treatment like Invisalign with an in-depth rundown or you can find out the best places to swim in summer or the newest things to see and do at the PNE.

Our community is the BC Lower Mainland, and it’s important to us. That’s why every week we try to make our blog as helpful as possible.

FAQ And More

Got a question about 123dentist.com that we didn’t answer? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions for more navigation tips. The FAQ is also a great place to learn more about 123 Dentist policies and how are member clinics operate inside of the network.