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Give Your Smile a Boost with a New Crown

Don’t get your hopes high—we’re only talking about dental crowns here. A dental crown can give you the feeling of royalty by giving your smile a brand new boost.

A crown is a cover or a cap that can restore your tooth back to its natural shape and appearance.  It’s often used when a tooth is broken down and fillings can’t solve the problem. For example, if a tooth is cracked, a crown can hold the tooth together so the damage won’t get worse. Crowns are also recommended to protect weak teeth from fracturing, to restore fractured teeth, or to cover badly shaped or discolored teeth.

In order to have a crown put into your mouth, your tooth will have to be reduced so the crown can fit over top of the tooth. An impression is made and sent to the lab so they can custom make the crown according to your exact requirements and preferences. Your crown will then be made to look like your other natural teeth. To achieve this look, a number of factors are considered in your impression, such as the color, shape and the length of your natural teeth. While this crown is being made, a temporary crown is placed on your teeth. During your second visit, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and put in your permanent crown.

How to properly maintain your crown

A crown lasts approximately 10 years, depending on your oral care habits. Once the crown is in place, make sure you brush and floss around the area to keep it clean and free from bacterial growth and gum disease. Regular oral care maintenance can ensure that your crown will last for a very long time.

One Appointment Crowns

CEREC Restorations are the latest form of porcelain restorations that are made by utilizing a new technology called CAD-CAM (Computerized Assisted Design- Computerized Assisted Milled). This technology allows dentists can make your crown and set it on your tooth all in one appointment.

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