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How Does Your Tooth Enamel Erode?

Enamel is the thin, outer lining of your teeth. Your tooth enamel is extremely tough and protects you when you chew, bite, or grind with your teeth. It is transparent, which means you can see right through it. It’s extremely important to take care of your tooth enamel because if it chips or cracks, the damage is permanent and the enamel won’t grow back.

Tooth enamel erodes when acid wears away on your teeth. This can happen in a number of ways, below are just a few of the causes of enamel erosion:

  • Soft drink consumption
  • Acid in fruit drinks
  • Certain medications you might be taking
  • A dry mouth
  • Certain health problems
  • The amount of wear and tear you put on your teeth

How can you tell if your enamel is eroded?

If your tooth enamel is eroded, you may:

  • Feel extra sensitivity to sweet or hot/cold foods
  • Notice discolouration between your teeth because when your enamel erodes, your teeth appear more yellow
  • See the edges of your teeth become more jagged and irregular

The best way to tell if you’ve had any enamel erosion is to check with your dentist. Your dentist will be able to let you know if there are any signs of tooth erosion during your regular check-up and cleaning appointment.

What can you do about tooth erosion?

To reduce your chances of having tooth erosion, eliminate highly acidic foods from your diet or use a straw when having acidic drinks. To avoid tooth decay, try not to snack too much throughout the day. Chewing sugar-free gum can also boost the saliva production in your mouth.

Make sure you see your dentist regularly to help maintain healthy teeth. If you have any questions about tooth enamel erosion, visit a 123Dentist.com location today. A health professional would be happy to answer any questions you may have.