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How Effective is Invisalign at Different Ages?

The decision to get Invisalign is an important one, and some patients have been waiting years to decide that their teeth are important enough to invest hard-earned funds into. Unfortunately for some patients, age creates a very real obstacle to actually getting the procedure done. Whether you are a younger patient currently wondering if you can wait or an older patient worried that you have waited too long, here’s what you need to know about Invisalign and age.

Bone density is the key.
It’s never too late in terms of years to do Invisalign, as it is bone density, not age, that determines the effectiveness of the procedure. If you are older, dentists will check to ensure that you have sufficient bone density. Since older people tend to have problems with bone density, some teeth may present problems while other teeth move very easily.

Older people may have to wear trays longer.
If you wait until you are older to get Invisalign, you may need to wear the trays longer than a younger person would. Again, this is not a universal rule – just a trend, as young mouths are typically a little healthier. If you get regular checkups and your teeth are healthy, you may be able to get your trays off as quickly as a younger person.

Anyone can benefit as long as they comply with instructions.
Invisalign usually isn’t recommended for younger teens, as you will need to wear the retainers according to instructions for weeks at a time, often for 20 to 22 hours per day. The longer you wear the retainers, the faster your teeth will move and the cleaner the results. Since older people are more aware of the importance of straight, well-aligned teeth, they may even receive better results.

If you are considering waiting until you are older to get Invisalign, be aware that you can’t always get the procedure done when you are older. Your mouth health may decline or your bone density may be too low to allow for the procedure, and if you aren’t careful, you could risk missing out on the window of opportunity to get great teeth.