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History of Madoc

Madoc, Ontario, was originally part of Madoc Township, whose name is derived from Welsh prince Madoc ab Owain Gwynedd. Some credit this individual with discovering North America in 1170. Madoc Township was a halfway stop for 19th-century travellers who transported horses and carriages from Toronto to Ottawa.

After separating from the township, Madoc became an unincorporated municipality until 1998 when it amalgamated with Huntingdon Township to create Centre Hastings. Madoc is Centre Hasting’s largest community. Mining of fluorite, talc, and gold has been a big part of the local economy for many years. In fact, Madoc was originally called MacKenzie’s Mill and was named after Donald MacKenzie, who built a sawmill and a grist mill. It also carried the name Hastings before becoming Madoc.

Current Events and Culture

We have a strong focus on family dental health, and we’re big fans of family activities in the community. Madoc Skatepark is one of our favourite places for families. In addition to skateboarding features, the attraction has a splash park and a playground. Parents will appreciate the free Wi-Fi while the kids have fun. Arts, culture, and local businesses are attractive parts of Madoc, too. We’re happy to be part of this warm, thriving community.

The Madoc area, including all of Centre Hastings, offers plenty of opportunities for recreation. Trail of Two Lakes and Deer Lake Trail are among the trails for walking as well as ATV riding and snowmobiling. Moira Lake is a place to go for swimming, boating, and fishing, and the Madoc Kiwanis Club has made many improvements to the lake area in recent years. You can read about the story of the lake in Gordon Pitt’s 2016 book, “Moira Memories … The Life and Times of a Lake,” available at the Hidden Goldmine Bakery. Madoc’s outdoor swimming pool is another place to have fun and get some exercise.

The community celebrates its heritage with sites such as the O’Hara Mill Homestead and Conservation Area, a site which interprets 1800s pioneer life. The Madoc Public Library and Cultural Centre hold many events throughout the year.

The Future of Madoc

Our Madoc dentists are proud to serve the community’s dental health needs and are committed to giving every patient the same level of care we would give our own family members.

Madoc has an inviting downtown area with many local shops, such as The Ravens Cache gift shop and Ivanhoe Cheese Store, and restaurants such as the Madoc Dairy and the Hidden Goldmine Bakery. The Madoc & District Chamber of Commerce and Travel Information Centre help promote a healthy business and tourism climate while also keeping attractions fun for residents.

We support Madoc’s continued growth and honour the community’s traditions and small-town values. The chamber of commerce works with local businesses and organizations to implement programs and efforts that improve the business climate and the economic health of our community. It also facilitates growth of established businesses and new entrepreneurs.

Madoc is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. We enjoy being part of this vibrant, beautiful, and welcoming community.