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Is Canadian Sugar Consumption Too High?

We all know that sugar consumption leads to oral health problems such as tooth decay and cavities—but do we really know how well Canadians are doing in terms of our sugar consumption?

Statistics Canada recently did a study to examine and explain our sugar consumption here in Canada and came to the following results:

  • Canadians get 20% of their daily calories from sugar
  • Beverages are the main source of sugar in our diets
  • In every age category, males consumed more sugar than females
  • The highest consumption of sugar was amongst teenage boys, ages 14-18
  • The lowest consumption of sugar was amongst women, ages 71 and above
  • Canadians consume 110 grams of sugar or 26 teaspoons of sugar a day
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The Institute of Medicine recommends that 25% of your overall caloric intake should come from sugars and the World Health Organization  recommends that 10% of your overall caloric intake should come from sugars.

The problem with these percentages is the definition of what sugar really is. Sugar consumption doesn’t necessary come from just sweets; it can come from other foods such as granola, yogurt, milk or fruit. Therefore, every institution and person has their own way of defining what sugar really is.

Therefore, there is no method of stating from this study whether our consumption is adequate, but the study does recommend that Canadians reduce the amount of sugar consumed and choose healthy and nutritious foods compared to those that are high in sugar. A food choice that may be high in sugar may in low in other nutrients. High levels of sugar consumption also put people at risk of tooth decay and cavities.

To avoid unnecessary oral health problems, 123Dentist.com recommends that you check the nutritional label on your food to make sure that it doesn’t contain a lot of sugar. We also recommend cutting back on foods such as soda and desserts, to make room for more nutritious food.

If you have any questions about your sugar consumption, visit a 123Dentist office today! A dentist would be happy to assess your teeth and let you know if your sugar consumption is adequate.