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New 123 Dentist Now Open in Coquitlam Near Coquitlam Town Centre

New 123dentist now open in coquitlam
123Dentist is pleased to announce the opening of Coquitlam General & Sedation Dentistry, a proud new member of the 123Dentist Community Network. This brand-new, ultramodern dental boutique is now open on Glen Drive across from Coquitlam Centre.

At Coquitlam General & Sedation Dentistry, patients can enhance their personal, social and professional life with sedation dentistry, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, stunning smile makeovers, and so much more.

Why should patients choose 123Dentist Coquitlam General & Sedation Dentistry as their ideal match?

1. Convenient location with Flexible Hours: Located in the centre of downtown Coquitlam, near the popular Coquitlam Centre shopping mall on Glen Drive, the Coquitlam General & Sedation Dentistry Clinic is ideally located with plenty of free parking.

2. Advanced Dental Solutions in a Private and Personalized Boutique Setting: The modern dental facility is equipped with state of the art technology and dentistry tools to help you achieve the smile you have only dreamed of.

3. Stress-free Sedation Dentistry: Oral sedation dentistry has been practiced safely for over 30 years and has helped with millions of patients undergoing longer dental procedures.

4. Invisalign & Invisalign Teen: Coquitlam General & Sedation Dentistry are proud to be considered a “preferred provider” of Invisalign braces in Coquitlam, BC.

Coquitlam General & Sedation Dentistry offers valuable solutions for results-oriented Coquitlam residents.

Learn more by contacting Coquitlam General & Sedation Dentistry or by calling (604) 554-0118 today!