Paying For The Dentist: A 123 Dentist Guide To Your Payment Options

Paying For The Dentist: A 123 Dentist Guide To Your Payment Options

Visiting the dentist is hard. Sure, it’s good for you and who wouldn’t want a brighter, healthier smile? But as it turns out, a lot of us avoid dental care. 6 million Canadians don’t visit the dentist annually, and while fear or anxiety or busy schedules play a small role, the overwhelming reason we avoid care is the cost.

Why Dental Services Cost What They Do…

A lot of people express frustration about the cost of dental care. Consider though, that as a health care expense your dental care is actually much more affordable than other medical expenses. Highly specialized training, technology and other factors play a role in pricing, as do a clinic’s location and specialties. Pricing is actually determined in most cases by our governing body, The British Columbia College of Dental Surgeons. The College recommends pricing for services and almost all 123 Dentist clinics follow this pricing to insure costs are fair. Many of our clinics also offer promotions and discounts on services like Invisalign to help save our patients money.

Dental Care Is Not Medical Care…

Unfortunately most dental care is not covered by your medical service plan (MSP) and while 123 Dentist and our members would like that to change, most insurance for dental care is private for the foreseeable future. There is a misconception that dental care is elective, that if we take care of our teeth, brush and floss daily and avoid too much sugar, we never need to visit the dentist. It’s true that you can avoid a lot of dental care with good habits, but a 6 month check-up and cleaning is recommended by most dentists even if you have healthy teeth. So the question becomes, how do you pay for that dental visit, be it for a cleaning or something else?

Insurance & Payment By Assignment…

The first thing to remember is that there are always options. Dentists want to help you make payments as easy as possible so you can get the help you need. 99% of 123 Dentist Member Clinics offer payment on assignment, accepting some form of dental insurance. Payment by Assignment means that your 123 Dentist Clinic takes your insurance info before any procedures take place and pre-approves your coverage. This way, patients know beforehand what percentage they will need to pay  upfront.

123 Dentist Member Clinics Set Their Own Rules…

It’s important to note however; 123 Dentist is a network of independent, locally owned dental clinics, not a franchise. Each member clinic boasts it’s own services, specialties, promotions and payment options. That means you need to discuss insurance and pricing with your local clinic; this blog only serves as a helpful guide to help you make informed decisions at the clinic. Keep in mind that 123 Dentist member clinics remain connected digitally, and if you need be referred to another clinic that does accept your insurance or payment needs, you can do so quickly and easily.

Alternative Payment Plans…

Many 123 Dentist Member Clinics offer 0% interest payment plans for a period of time. If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t worry. Call your local 123 Dentist clinic and ask about their payment plans. If the clinic has payment plans, they will typically require a small percentage as a downpayment with the bulk of the procedure price split up and deferred monthly. Other clinics will allow splitting large procedures into two or more payments, but this may not apply smaller procedures like cleaning or a single filling. Almost half of 123 Dentist Clinics offer some form of payment plans, be it for large procedures or exclusively to regular customers.

Visiting the dentist for an assessment and x-rays is more affordable than you might think and there is no obligation to accept treatment if you’re concerned about cost. Don’t be afraid to talk frankly with your dentist about your budget, and if payment plans and insurance are not an option, ask about alternative treatments that can protect your teeth at a lower price.

Looking Forward…

123 Dentist is currently working to help provide our patients with low cost, affordable dental care, with several initiatives both at individual clinics and across our network. Stay tuned for more information on exciting new programs coming in the future. In the mean time, don’t delay in booking a dental appointment, even if you don’t have private insurance.

Remember these three points: Payment plans are often possible at the clinic, regular cleanings every 6 months help to avoid problems from occurring and are quite affordable, and leaving pain untreated can lead to long term health problems and much higher costs you can’t avoid.

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