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Secrets to Maintaining a Sparkling Smile as You Age

Although many people do experience tooth loss as they age, it is not a requirement. In certain circumstances, you can avoid tooth loss by taking proper care of your oral health. If you do experience tooth loss, dentures are a common treatment option for missing teeth. 123Dentist.com provides two types of denture treatment options for you: partial or full dentures. Partial dentures replace your teeth if you have a few missing teeth in between your natural teeth. Full dentures, also called “fake teeth”, replace your teeth if you have a whole set of missing teeth.

How do you know if you need dentures?

Some good indicators that you might need dentures are having missing or deteriorating teeth that prevent you, to a certain extent, from doing basic tasks such as chewing or talking. The best way to tell if you need dentures is to visit your dentist for a diagnosis. Make an appointment at a 123Dentist location today! A dentist can take an x-ray of your mouth to assess your teeth and gums. He or she will then recommend if dentures are the best treatment option for you.

Once your dentist has given you the diagnoses that you require dentures, he or she will send a molding of your teeth to a lab. The lab will then put together dentures for you that fit your teeth perfectly and that are comfortable for you to wear. Your dentist will then ask you to come in for regular check-ups over time to make sure the dentures are still fitting you well.

How do you maintain your dentures?

Dentures require just as much care as natural teeth do. Here are a few steps you will need to take to maintain your dentures:

1. Clean them regularly to avoid plaque build up

2. Remove your dentures at night and soak them in a cleaning solution

3. Gently brush your natural teeth and gums with a soft toothbrush

4. Visit your dentist regularly so they can check your dentures

When you receive your dentures, your dentist will walk you through these steps in more detail and give
you any additional information that you may need.

Denture Facts:

According to Statistics Canada:

– 9% of Canadians older than 15 years of age have reported having no natural teeth

– Females (10%) are more prone to tooth loss than males (7%)

– 30% of Canadians 65 or older have reported complete tooth loss

– Quebec has the highest rate of tooth loss (14%), and the Northwest Territories has the lowest rate of tooth loss (5%)

Visit a 123Dentist location today if you think you may require dentures. We can give you a thorough assessment to determine your individual level of needs and preferences.