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Dental Technology

Dental Tools & Equipment

Dentists in Canada have access to a wide range of tools and equipment to aid them in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral and dental conditions. Dental technology is constantly being developed to create more effective solutions for dental patients.

Types of Technology for Dentists

Advances in dental technology have given dentists and recognized dental specialists new tools to image the teeth and mouth, detect and treat dental problems, and create restorative dental appliances.

The Benefits of Dental Technology

Improved Oral Health Care

Improving oral health for Canadians is an important goal all dentists share. New technology can help improve the techniques for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in dentistry.

Reduced Costs

Although acquiring the latest dental technology can require dental offices to spend a great deal of money upfront, there are also reduced patient costs associated with new technology. For example, patients may not have to replace restorations as often when they are designed and manufactured with new technology.

Reduced Chair Time

Dental technology can increase efficiency, leading to patients spending less time overall in a dental chair. Patients benefit from spending less time at the dental clinic and more time enjoying their usual activities, and dentists are able to see more patients.

Reduced Patient Anxiety

Anxiety surrounding dental processes and procedures can make the dental experience very uncomfortable. This may prevent people from visiting a dentist on a regular basis or receiving the treatments they need. New tools tend to be less invasive, reducing patient anxiety and making dental services more accessible.

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