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Top 10 Dental Apps for Smartphones

Nowadays, it seems like there’s an app for just about everything; games, fitness, sports, news—the list goes on and on. So why not incorporate some apps that can help you take care of your healthy smile?

The dental apps below can help you take proper care of your beautiful teeth and have some fun at the same time.

  1. Brush DJ—Brush DJ helps you to brush your teeth for the full two minutes to a randomly selected song from your playlist. The app entertains you with music while you brush, making brushing fun and exciting rather than boring. The app also allows you to set reminders to brush twice a day, floss, and see your dentist or hygienist regularly. Brush DJ is free and is available at the iTunes.
  2. Dental Expert—Dental Expert is a patient’s guide to understanding dentistry procedures, including some tips on how to care for your own smile. This app includes tips on several dental topics, including what to do in a dental emergency, how to prevent bad breath, and how to properly care for your child’s teeth. Dental Expert is free and is available on iTunes.
  3. Dental Phobia—Dental Phobia provides users with information that you need to deal with dental fears and phobias. The app in includes coping strategies and options available to patients with dental phobia, such as sedation dentistry. Dental Phobia is $0.99 and is available on iTunes.
  4. Braces Help—Braces Help is an informative app for patients wearing braces. The app includes resources on how to care for your braces and what to do if you have any problems with your braces. Braces Help is free and is available on iTunes.
  5. Teeth Whitener—Teeth Whitener is a fun app that allows you to see how you would look with a brighter smile. Using a photograph from your library, you can compare before and after pictures of yourself now compared to how you would look like with a whiter smile. Teeth Whitener is $0.99 and is available on iTunes.
  6. KidsDental—KidsDental uses animation to help you teach your child about their dental health in an entertaining and exciting way. The app also covers dental issues such as cavities, tooth loss, and gingivitis. KidsDental is $4.99 and is available on iTunes.
  7. Dictionary of Dental Terminology—Ever had trouble understanding some of the terms your dentist uses? The Dictionary of Dental Terminology provides patients with a list of dental terms explained in a way that is simple and easy to understand. The Dictionary of Dental Terminology is $2.99 and is available on iTunes.
  8. My Smile—My Smile allows you to compare your tooth’s colour shade on a 15 shade palate. Note that the accuracy of your results depends on the quality and the lighting of the photo. Using this app, you can monitor the shade of your teeth over time and compare results. My Smile is $0.99 and is available on iTunes.
  9. Monster Mouth DDS—Monster Mouth DDS is a fun app that allows you, a dentist for monsters, to journey to different situations where you have to solve monster’s dental problems before their mouth slams shut. The app is for all ages and is kid-friendly. Examples of problems that you have to solve can be examining X-rays to find hidden cracks or pull out creepy cavities with tongs. Monster Mouth DDS is free and is available on iTunes.
  10. Colgate Tooth Fairy—Colgate Tooth Fairy helps your family build regular brushing routines with fun teeth timers to brush with. The app also provides tips on healthy oral care habits. Other games included in this app are “Funky Smiles”, where you can add crazy, funky smiles to a photo of yourself and “Teeth Battle”, where you can fight bugs before they damage your teeth. This app is free and is available on Google Play.