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Top 5 Tips For Shopping For The Perfect Christmas Tree

Buying the right Christmas tree for your home can be a challenging task. There are a lot of things you need to consider, from the size of the tree to what type of tree you want. The following are 5 basic tips that you should consider when purchasing a Christmas tree for your home this holiday season:

Should you buy a real tree or an artificial tree?

There are two main types of Christmas trees: those that are real and those that are artificial. Artificial trees have a few benefits. First of all, there won’t be any loose pine needles to clean up. Maintaining an artificial tree is easy because practically no maintenance is required. Not to mention that you won’t have to buy a new tree every year. Artificial trees are also a good alternative for anyone that has bad allergies. However, if you are planning on buying an artificial tree because you think that it’s a more environmentally friendly option, then you are mistaken. Because they are plastic and made using a number of potentially harmful chemicals, artificial trees are not very eco friendly – especially if you ever try to get rid of it since most of them are not recyclable. When it comes to real Christmas trees, just make sure you buy it from a source that uses sustainable farming methods and that you recycle your tree after you are done with it.

How large should your tree be?

Before going out to buy a tree, decide where in your home you are going to place it. This will determine how wide and how tall the tree should be. Remember, you don’t want to block any exits or walking space as this can create a safety hazard. Your tree should not be placed anywhere near a fireplace or any other heat source either.


When should you buy your tree?

Don’t wait until the last minute to purchase a Christmas tree. The trees left available won’t be as high quality, nor will they be as fresh. Many families go shopping for Christmas trees right after Thanksgiving. This means that the best time to go looking for a Christmas tree is around the middle of November. This allows you to skip the crowds as well as have your pick of the highest quality trees.


Where should you buy your tree?

Buying from a local farm is always the best idea, since that way you are helping to support your local farmers. Just be sure to check to see if they use sustainable growing practices. Many tree farms will only cut down trees as they are ordered, which helps reduce any unnecessary farming of trees. They will often plant more than one tree for every tree they cut down as well. You can also buy your tree from a retail lot, but you won’t have the guarantee of freshness and quality that you would have from buying on a farm. You’ll also want to ask where they get their trees from and what sustainable practices their source uses. If you can’t make it out to a local tree farm, then you can also purchase your tree online. Just realize that doing so will be slightly more expensive since you will have to pay for shipping. This option, can, however, be a little more convenient.


How do you pick the freshest tree?

If you decide to purchase your Christmas tree from a lot, then you’ll need to check the tree you are looking at for freshness. One way to do this is by holding a branch firmly but gently between your fingers. Pull the branch towards, letting the needles slip through your fingers. The needles should remain in place. If they fall off, then the tree isn’t as fresh as it should be. The tree should boast a rich green color as well as a strong fragrance. Bend some of the branches gently. They should give way easily without much resistance. You should also try tapping the tree on the trunk. If a number of needles fall down as a result, then the tree isn’t very fresh.


If you are planning on purchasing a Christmas tree this year, then be sure to keep these 5 tips in mind.