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How Well Does Invisalign® Work?

Getting your teeth straightened so that they align properly is a process that takes many months. If you want something other than metal braces, then you are probably interested in the Invisalign® process. Does Invisalign® work? Using a series of clear retainers rather than metal brackets and arches, Invisalign® allows people to get their teeth straightened without making it readily apparent to everyone who sees them. Does Invisalign® work well? Yes, it does a great job as long as you follow the advice of your dentist.

Thinking about Invisalign?

How Does Invisalign® Work?

In much the same manner as metal and ceramic braces, the Invisalign® process is designed to straighten your teeth gradually over a period of many months. It involves the use of specialized trays that are clear in coloring. Does Invisalign® work? Yes, it does. Each set of trays applies pressure to your teeth in order to move them closer to the targeted configuration.


Does Invisalign® Work If You Eat Sticky Foods?

Since you take the trays off to eat, sticky foods don’t affect your Invisalign® trays at all. Does Invisalign® work with sticky foods? Sure, as long as you brush your teeth properly before placing the trays back onto your teeth.


Does Invisalign® Work Well?

Most people have great success with the Invisalign® process simply because it is easy to use. Few people mind wearing the trays since they are comfortable and nearly invisible. This leads to a greater success rate since the retainer trays are worn most of the time without any problems at all.


Does Invisalign® Work Better Than Traditional Braces?

No real difference exists between the capabilities of traditional braces and the Invisalign® process as long as you follow the instructions of your dentist. Does Invisalign® work better than traditional braces? Some people will say yes because they find it easier to wear Invisalign® trays and keep them cleaner than metal braces. If you wear your Invisalign® trays for the length of time recommended by your dentist, then you should achieve the desired results. Moreover, if you come in for your regularly scheduled adjustment to your Invisalign® trays, then you should see good progress.