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What Dental Options Are There for the Uninsured in BC?

Every small dental procedure seems simple enough when you have insurance, but when you’re uninsured, it can spell financial discomfort, if not disaster. Dental options used to be scarce for those without insurance, but in recent years, dentists and the BC government have become more aware that there are people living in this tricky situation. There are some options available to those without insurance.

Reduced-cost clinics

One option is a reduced-cost clinic that operates specifically to help those without insurance. Some clinics operate for general members of the public without insurance, while others are linked to specific food banks or charities. You can search for a general reduced-cost clinic in your area that currently accepts new patients, or if you’re a client of a local social services agency, ask them about dental care options.

Student dentistry

Clinics such as the one offered at the UBC dentistry offer reduced-price dentistry to anyone, often at a 20% to 30% discount. Student dentistry isn’t always an option, but if you feel comfortable with it, you can afford procedures you might not be able to pay for on your own. Students are senior students in the program, they are supervised and taught carefully in these clinics, and are likely to be aware of very recent changes in the field of dentistry.


Dental clinic discounts

In addition to clinics set up specifically for those without insurance, many dental clinics offer discounts to those without insurance or may have a way to help you out. For instance, they may have a payment plan to help you spread the cost of care out over a manageable length of time. Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist about these options, as they are often willing to help you pay for the care you need.


If you are uninsured, try not to skip dental procedures. The cost of basic preventative care such as cleanings and checkups is typically kept low by most clinics to help patients avoid expensive procedures later, and you may be able to take advantage of one or more of these options to help you pay for treatment.