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What Your Smile Says About You!

Believe it or not, your smile says more about you than how good your oral care routine is; the unique way in which you smile can also say a lot about your personality and key attributes.

When you meet someone for the first time, as soon as you smile, you are creating that first impression for the other person to distinguish you by.

Want to know more about your smile? Check out the facts below to see what your smile says about you.

Fun Smile Facts:


  • When you smile, there is a chemical reaction that takes place in your brain that makes you happy—even when you fake a smile
  • Women smile more than men
  • Smiles are contagious—when you smile, it makes people around you want to smile too
  • It’s easier to smile than to frown
  • Smiling uses 5-53 muscles in your face
  • A true smile can be seen in your eyes, chin and nose
  • Smiling is a great stress-reliever
  • There are over 18 different ways you smile depending on the social setting that you’re in
  • Smiling is not something that you learn; it is an ability that you are born with
  • Smiling is the universal symbol for happiness

What does your smile say about you?

Here is a general framework you can use to see what your smile says about you—see which one of these descriptions you can relate to the most:

  • If you have a wide smile that shows your top and bottom teeth, it can display a childlike sense of happiness, adventure and excitement.

Celebrity you most resemble: Julia Roberts

  • If you have a wide and symmetric smile, that looks slightly unfinished, it gives the impression that you have a joke up your sleeve. These types of smiles are usually vertically wide but not horizontally wide. If this is your smile, it could imply that you enjoy telling jokes and making people laugh.

Celebrity you most resemble: Will Smith

  • If your smile is even on all sides, it doesn’t look like it is forced and can imply that you have a genuine, nurturing and warm personality.

Celebrity you most resemble: Cheryl Cole

  • If you usually flash a quick smile every now and then, and you have a suppressed closed-lip smile the rest of the time, it implies that you are clever, sexy and fun.

Celebrity you most resemble: George Clooney

If you want to know more about your individual smile, visit a 123Dentist office today!