Laser Dentistry

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Pain free treatment!
  • Laser dentistry requires little or no anesthesia, causes no vibrations and no drilling noise.
  • Surgical procedures using a dental laser may not require stitches
  • Infections are minimal as the laser sanitizes the area being worked on
  • Less healing time
  • Treatment with the dental laser is generally shorter than with traditional dentistry.
  • Natural teeth are preserved for a longer time and healthy tooth substances are protected.
  • Great for children and anxious patients.
  • Provides the best preventive care.

What treatment can be done using a dental laser?

Early Cavity Detector: Low intensity dental lasers may be used for the early detection of cavities a reliable, non-invasive laser that looks inside a tooth surface for bacterial contaminants and measures the decay. It is highly effective in detecting cavities at an early stage where teeth are most vulnerable.

Fillings: Dental lasers may eliminate the need for a local anesthetic and the traditional dental drill. Lasers used in dental filling procedures are able to kill bacteria located in a cavity.

Periodontal Surgery: Dental Lasers can reshape gum tissue and bone to expose healthier tooth structure. Crown lengthening provides a stronger foundation for the placement of restorations and gum reshaping will improve the appearance of a gummy smile.

Sensitivity: Dental lasers may be used to seal tubules (located on the root of the tooth) that are responsible for hot and cold tooth sensitivity.

Whitening: Low intensity lasers may be used to speed up the bleaching process associated with teeth whitening

Benign Tumors: Dental lasers can be used for the removal of benign tumors from the oral cavity and is usually painless and suture free.

We have many different types of dental lasers that are suited to different dental procedures. Ask our dentists if you are a good candidate for laser dentistry. Our team of dentists is experienced and qualified to use dental lasers as part of your comprehensive care and we strive to stay at the top of dental laser technology.