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123 Kerrisdale Dental Centre is located in beautiful Kerrisdale in South Vancouver, offering comfortable, professional cosmetic dental care you can rely on with over 50 years experience.

We have taken dental medicine to an entirely different level by adding a professional aesthetic factor to each procedure. We can accommodate Vietnamese, Tagalog, Serbocroatian and Punjabi speaking patients.

More than providing general dental services, we have given an extra effort to making each treatment add a certain brilliance to your smile. Whether you have teeth discolouration, missing teeth, chipped teeth, or other dental problems that not only restrict your teeth from functioning well but prevent you from giving an all-out smile, our quality services can help you and make your smile look more beautiful.

We provide our patients with services in laser dentistry, teeth whitening, dental implants, dental restorations, cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign. We also proudly have a Velscope oral cancer screening system in our office to help with early detection of oral cancer.

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  • Dr. Kiranpal (Tony) GillGeneral Dentist
  • Dr. Sara HamidiDr. Sara HamidiGeneral Dentist
  • Dr. Jason GomesGeneral Dentist
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