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About MAX Dental at Yaletown

Our mission as a Vancouver dentist is to provide quality family dental care.

Our goal is to provide and deliver to our patients the treatment choices that meet the needs of the individual and offer the best possible alternatives for their health and enjoyment. Come visit our Vancouver dentist office today!

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Dr. Clarence Wong

Dr. Clarence Wong, General Dentist

Dr. Clarence Wong graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2003 as a Doctor of Dental medicine. Dr. Wong has special interests in the areas of dental surgery, endodontics and preventative dentistry. He sees patients of all ages and his great sense of humour keeps his patients at ease.

Dr. Mariam Sourial

Dr. Mariam Sourial, General Dentist

Dr. Mariam Sourial received her second dental degree from the University of Toronto, graduating with honours along with the prosthodontics award. She is dedicated to advanced dental education in oral pathology, early detection of oral cancer, root canal therapy, cosmetic dentistry and both Invisalign and traditional orthodontic treatment.